Six Ways to Re- Vamp Your Blog - Are you stuck in a rut with your blog design and need a quick boost? Here are a few tips to help you get going! STUCK IN A RUT WITH YOUR BLOG? Here is how to revamp your blog

It’s time to give your blog a fresh and appealing new look , that is clean and appealing to the eye!

I recently launched this website/blog in December 2015 , with the original plan to completely move Stealstylist.com over to this Domain, but as it turned out I couldn’t let go of my old blog. I decided to try out several of the free WordPress themes and found many that were appealing but none that really stuck  with my heart and went for the appeal I was trying to achieve. This resulted in purchasing my layout  from Pipdig which was the best decision I made . My blog now has a great look and it inspired me to completely revamp stealstylist.com.

So here are some tips if you feel like you need to start fresh with your current blog and aren’t sure how to spice things up!


Get a new layout!  Pipdig has some really great paid wordpress and blogger themes, however if you are using blogger , there are thousands of fantastic free themes that are just as comparable! Find something fresh , clean , and simple , then let your images spark the colour through your blog. Etsy and Pinterest are great resources for finding blog layouts

Revamp your blog BRANDING

A logo is a must , if you are serious about your blog , its important to have consistent branding across all social platforms . This makes it easier for companies, PR , and fellow bloggers to find you. Also it shows you have a clear vision with your blog . This can be anything from the same profile picture, to the same font or even the same colour scheme.


Sometimes if you are a rabbid blogger (what I call bloggers who blog daily) , then your blog can get a little messy. I’m all for getting new content out there all the time , I wish I could fit it in my schedule to post daily but unfortunately its not possible for me . That being said, go through your posts and make sure they are categorized and separated so that a new reader can find similar posts. Such as FASHION , BEAUTY , FOOD ECT.


If your open and willing to PR collaboration, then make it known!  Make it easy for a pr rep to come to your blog and find out how to contact you. Make sure your social media stats are available for them to access or at least links to all your social media accounts in one place . Also put together a media kit! There are some fantastic media Kits available on Etsy and Pinterest .


Use social media as a platform for making friends. To meeting likeminded bloggers and finding out about other websites or blogs in your niche! follow, like and comment on their content and they will surely take a look at yours too!


Your blog is not a chore,  its a hobby  or a potential career . something you enjoy and do because you want to, so have fun with it and make the most of it. No need to sweat the small stuff!

So that’s it guys! Hopefully these tips will help you with your blogs new re vamp!

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