I’m what you would call a young Entrepreneur and Designer . I’m from from Birmingham, England, Attended Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for girls and obtained a Degree in General Studies at Northern Virginia Community College USA then went on to study Economics at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA. Now i’m studying for a B.A Degree in Graphic Design in Birmingham England. I’ve always loved Social Media and Design, as a result I’m consistently driven. I also created the Bloggers Parlour in April 2016, where I bring brands and bloggers together through awesome events in the midlands! The company has already proven successful having fulfilled a number events for high profile clients. I consistently utilize social media to positively promote my brand and my interests. Now i’m spreading that knowledge to you! I created this website not only as a hub for all my content but also a Blog to share my business knowledge!  My knowledge is your knowledge!

Graphic Design

I design and brand all my blog content , now its time to do yours! . I can design your blog or business logo , header , stationery, social media banners and create a template for you to use in all of your future blog posts. Contact me to request a quote .

Contact me for Design Rates | Info@abbigaylewarner.com

Campaign Strategy

Stuck on what to do next for your blog? I can be your idea woman! Tell me what you want to achieve and i’ll come up with your next campaign idea to bring in more business! Contact me to request a quote.

Contact me for Campaign Strategy Rates | Info@abbigaylewarner.com

Freelance Blogging

Looking for someone to blog on your website? I can do that for you! I also allow sponsored blog posts on all of my blogs! Got a product you want seen by my blogs audience? I can post your next relevant press release, Contact me for Freelance Rates

Contact me for Freelance Blogging Rates | Info@abbigaylewarner.com

Online Promotion

I have an audience, so lets reach them! If you would like to promote your product , brand or services on my social media accounts , Contact me for social media rates

Contact me for Social Media Rates | Info@abbigaylewarner.com

Branding Tips

On this blog ill be sharing my knowledge in the business world and also the Online world. This could be anywhere from how to grow your social media , to what to say when at a networking event.


Design Tips and Tricks

Design goes hand in hand with branding. Follow my blog posts as I create new brands with step by step Design guides on how did it! Next project – Confessingmotherhood.blogspot.com I’ll be rebranding this old blog from start to finish! so be sure to follow along with my blog posts!

Next Project


stealstylist header

A Femme Lifestyle Blog , catered to the Young Teen to Young Adult female. Giving you important life tips in a fun way, with advice for surviving College , dating and beyond! With a monthly reach of 7k unique visitors a month, stealstylist has reached just under 1/4 Million page views.  This blog is PR friendly , If you have a beauty product or product catered to my target market and would like for me to provide an honest review , please email me at abbigaylewarnerdesigns@gmail.com 

*Unfortunately I have come to a beautiful end with stealstylist.com . The blog will remain and I will only post on here for PR purposes. There will be no more new original content as of September 2017

Femme Lifestyle

Being able to express ourselves as women though everything we love is what I call a “Femme Lifestyle”. On this blog I give life tips to surviving just about anything. From what it’s like heading to College or Uni for the first time , to Surviving life after with your first job interview! Stealstylist was created late 2012, and has been recently re-branded in 2016! Catch up with a new blog post every week! Through this blog i have worked with countless brands , companies and have even had the opportunity to interview Online Celebrities like Pixiwoo!

Beauty Reviews

What girl doesn’t love beauty products!? On this blog I also pick out my favoutire beauty Brands and review their products!

simmingwithabbi blog header

A hub for my youtube videos and also a platform for sharing custom content with my viewers. Reaching over 4k Tumblr followers alone, I have grown this blog to have consistently engaged content.  My target audience are Gamers and Tech lovers . This blog is PR friendly , If you would like me to review a gadget or Tech product please contact me via info@abbigaylewarner.com

Custom Content

I create custom designed objects to use in the game. Some objects are based on real brands such as Coca Cola cans and Accessorize backpacks! Using the Software Blender , I create a 3D Mesh then use Adobe Photoshop for the texture. My content has proven successful with over 20,000 Total downloads and 4 thousand active Tumblr followers. If you are a brand and would like me to create an object based on your brand, to promote to my followers, Contact me For promotional rates.

Contact me for rates | Info@abbigaylewarner.com


My youtube channel has grown consistently over the past year to over 18k subscribers. Displaying my love of interior design as well as gaming. I have built a community of Subscribers , also known as “Abbis Bunnies”, who regularly like, comment and share my videos with their friends. I listen to their suggestions and we collaboratively decorate home and building interiors.  Occasionally i’ll update them on myself personally with a Vlog or two, or a live stream . I also include the custom content from  my Simmingwithabbi Blog within my decor, so they can see the items in live action game play.

Home Decor

Interiors are the heart of my Youtube channel! I take inspiration from my Pinterest and Weheartit Vision Boards, home magazines and more, to decorate homes. I use the platform of the The Sims to present my ideas.

House Builds

Creating and designing a house has always been a passion of mine , and through the game I can express my architecture ideas and more!


I love to get to know my subscribers, and since most of my videos are voice overs , being able to VLOG fun videos, collabs and give Decor Tips, is something I love on my channel!


Occasionally i’ll have a little play of the actual game through what we like to call “let’s plays” It’s the perfect opportunity to see my Custom Content in live action gameplay.

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Bloggers Parlour logo
Event Planning

I offer event planning services for local companies in the Midlands, looking to connect with bloggers or reach a larger audience . My services include complete organization of the event from decor , to interactive activities that will occur during the event. Having created numerous events prior, I launched the Bloggers Parlour to focus specifically on the connections of bloggers to brands, and most importantly bloggers with other bloggers! Creating a community is important and we want to make sure you can connect with each other at each event while boosting your social media activity. During the events bloggers can interact with each other, play games, win prizes and learn about the selected brands. I have worked with and organized events for high profile brands such as The Body Shop and L’Occitane En Provence . I can help your brand reach local bloggers and get the promotion your brand needs online! Want me to organize your next blogger event? Contact me for details

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