Action Plan – 3 steps to success


3 steps to a successful action plan


I’ve spoken numerous times previously about creating an action plan for your goals . It’s one thing to write or say a goal, but without a proper structure in place of how to achieve it, sadly you may never reach your goal. Having an action plan means you bluntly need to just TAKE ACTION. Actually do something about it!  We are all dreamers here!. We all want better things out of life,  but for some reason only some of us take steps to boost our lives, while the rest sit back and hope. Staying focused on your plan will help keep your business passion alive. You know what you need to do, when you need to do it by, and exactly how you’re going to achieve your goal. Being on the productive side of things, there are three steps i’m going to break down for you, so you know how to create a killer business boosting action plan.

Firstly you will need pen and paper because you’re going to create a spider diagram .


OK so i’m not saying this is THE official way to start your action plan, BUT it works for me everytime!

If you don’t know what a spider diagram is then let’s quickly go back to basics !

A spider diagram is a way for you to literally dump everything out of your brain . It could be slightly related to each other, or not related at all.


Ever header of the saying “train of thought”?

Think of this as a literal train, And every idea we think of  is a person getting on the train … and every idea we lose or forget is a person getting off. I know I have those moments some times where I had an amazing idea and didn’t write it down .. Seconds later I can’t remember that idea … because someone left the train …


OK so that little/unnecessarily long explanation was an example of me brain dumping on you . One thing I said led to another .. and another  

Alight so do you have that pen and paper?


Write down your ultimate DREAM GOAL in the center of the page . It could be BIG HOUSE , or HAPPY FAMILY .. anything ….. just write it down . Now what’s the first thing that popped into your head  when you wrote it?  Was it home decor? , baby names?  Write these all down and draw a line to the center point . Now what’s the first thing that popped into your head after you wrote down “home decor and baby names”? WRITE IT DOWN and draw a line linking the two ideas . As you go on you will start to fill up the page  and many other pages. It will start to look like a mutant spider with 600+ legs!

This my friends is your dreamer stage of your action plan!


After your dreaming session is complete , it’s now time to narrow down those thoughts and ideas and design yourself the perfect life. Take a look at those main dream goals that really stuck out to you when spider webbing the page.  Pick one and give yourself a timeline to achieve it. so for example my current action plan has a 1 year timeline . Each month I have written down a milestone I need to hit. Each milestone written down is an step I need to take to bring me closer to that end goal in 12 months time.

Then I’ll take each month and break that down into weeks . By the end of each week i’ll have a goal I need to hit or a task I must fulfil, that will bring me to my month goal; and also 1 step closer to my final end of year goal. AND THEN… (you can see where i’m going with this) I’ll break down those weeks into daily tasks!

There you have it . My entire goal completely planned out! . NOW OBVIOUSLY it may not be necessary to take an entire year for one goal , some goals you can achieve in a month , some people work at a faster pace. I gave myself enough time that fits into my schedule .


Speaking of a schedule , it’s delivery time .  It’s easy to create a plan .. to write things down and say this what i’m going to do … but the most important step is the delivery!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep a schedule, and how important it is to stay on top of your agenda!


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There are so many ways to stick to your schedule . I love having a physical planner  , just because i’m very visual and I like to jazz it up with sticky notes and all that pazzaz . However I know that we are in the digital age and having a digital schedule is where it’s at. Which is why I use both .

Google calendar , Iphone reminders app and google sheets are literally my best friend!


I schedule out EVERYTHING. Having three active blogs  and a youtube channel means if I don’t keep on top of my schedule i’ll loose consistency with my social media. Yes I even schedule when i’m going to watch tv shows (who watches actual tv these days anyway)


So with all that being said, I give you my top three tips to creating a successful action plan.

What will you be doing to boost your business?!
Sound off in the comments below and let’s chat!


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