Breakfast at Pret | A short Life Reflection

 Breakfast at Pret | a quick reflection on my life

Hey everyone! Last week I decided to head out to Pret coffee shop for breakfast in grand central Birmingham . I typically don’t go out to eat unless I’m already heading somewhere so this was the same day I head to London for the day . I sat in this coffee shop for about an hour (munching of course) but also using this time to catch up on my never ending emails and to reflect on life .

In this reflection time I sat and thought .. Wow I actually HAVE emails to respond to .

About four years ago I was literally doing nothing . I was on maternity leave contemplating whether I would go back to my hell call centre job or not and what I was going to do next with my life . I knew I wanted to finish uni but also knew the cost especially being a new first time mom, it would just be horrendous .

Reaching an awkwardly sad time in my life with work , school and relationships I found myself suffering from depression, I’m not sure if it was post baby depression or just general life depression . Either way I knew I needed to make a change . So I made the big move back to my home town to start fresh . I feel like since the move I’ve managed to really get back to myself again . I’m totally in my element , i found a love for so many things I didn’t consider a possibly before . I’ve networked my but off and build a brand and a company for myself that are doing awesome but has mountains to grow . It’s probably the coolest part of my life so far .

I know this post is random but it’s just one of those moments when I can sit and think about what I would have been doing right now if I didn’t make that major life change.

I’m proud of my achievements and what is to come .

Bring on 2016 , you’re awesome already!


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