Café rouge Mailbox illustration 

Abbigayle warner Café Rouge illustration Abbigayle warner cafe Rouge illustration Hi all! 
Yesterday I worked on this digital illustration of Café Rouge , located in the Mailbox Birmingham. I was lucky enough to attend an menu tasting event with them which I wrote about over on my other blog 

Exclusive Menu Tasting Event at Café Rouge Mailbox Birmingham 

Here you can see the work inprogress as the final finished piece . For this I created an outline sketch of what I saw , then continued with the colours . Then finally added a light texture and photo saturation . 

This design look longer than my typical daily Designs as it required a few more hours of detail in comparison. 

Overall I think it turned out well! I much more enjoy illustrating buildings and objects rather than people , so I may incorporate more landscape style illustrations during my 365 abbicreates project

Feel free to share the image if you like it 😊 thanks for stopping by!


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