FIVE reasons why you need a BCBGMAXARIA GLITZ SWEATER FW16

After watching the BCBGMAXARIA  FW16 NYFW runway show it has become completely evident to me that I’m missing out the on the ultimate piece of clothing to ever hit the runway . OK I may have fabricated that a little but never the less , I am utterly in love wit the gloriously glitzy sweater presented in the runway show today . I her never seen so many looks use the same piece to make the look complete , not only that it’s a piece that could just as easily stand alone and still keep you high on the fashionable list !

Here are five reasons why I need this sweater 

1. Hello ???!! it glistens in the sun … Or any light for that matter . A major statement top and if you are an outgoing personality like myself , what better way to express that than to have your top speak for you !

2. Completely versatile. I can wear it under a dress over a dress , it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day no matter what I pair it with it still looks damn good! 

3. It’s really sheer ,so if you want to show off your assets with a slight tease but not quite enough to actually see anything , this is kind of perfect. 

4. Oh did I mention it matches everything?! The colour is a deep blue  or alternatively the deep grey . If you can find any colour that doesn’t match with wither one of these colours then please let me know!!!


5. There is a a full length dress version as well!  (Ok maybe  a short light dress version ) but either way the fabulousness is too much to handle! 

There you have it ! Five reasons why you and I need the holy grail of al sweaters from this collection!!

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