Five things not to post on your business Instagram profile

When it comes to business posts here on my blog I try to be as transparent as it gets.

I don’t have an Instagram account with 100k +followers , but I do have a business and I do have a Business Instagram 

Since launching my Business April 7 2016 I’ve grown from 100 followers to 1000 in literally 30 days.

…so I must be doing something right huh?

So you’re a business with an Instagram account , and you think you know what your’e doing …. But the likes and the followers just aren’t rolling in ….

“I’m posting pictures regularly and I’m using hashtags … Why aren’t I getting the activity I need?”

This is probably because you are doing at least one of these five things!

  • Posting too many irrelevant hashtags 

Instagram has strict rules that restrict the number of hashtags you can use . You can post up the 30 which is fantastic! But seriously why would you need to post 30 hashtags? It just looks desperate …

How many different hashtags can you use to describe one single product? Definitely not 30

Stop posting generic hashtags like #insta #fun #instalike .. It’s a total waste of time .

Keep it simple . Use hashtags that  describe your image and also reach your target market . For example if you’re  a watch company , you would use hashtags like #technology #fashion #watch

  • Not posting enough hashtags 

Sometimes you can be so overly conscious about your brand, that you’re afraid to use more than one hashtag AND that one hashtag is something YOU created for your business .

This does nothing for you and your  brand exposure . You’re basically marketing to yourself . None of your pictures can be found in the search or browsed because nobody knows your hashtag

  • Posting hashtags in your description

So we’re talking quite a lot about hashtags , but one thing you may be doing wrong is posting your hashtags in your description .

It’s important to keep your profile neat and clean . Having a load of hashtags after your caption looks messy and unprofessional …. And let’s face it … It’s a major turn off

  • Posting unoriginal content

Do not waste your time devoting your business profile to posting other people’s picture .

Yes it may help you gain a following by posting features , but it will not help you grow your business

Focus on creating /posting quality images of your product. Consumers will appreciate your profile and not associate it with a spam style account . Having images and demonstrations of what you have to offer , gives your page credibility.

  • Mixing your personal pictures with your business pictures 

It’s imperative that you keep your personal images of your kids , your dog and you’re grandma off your profile .

Instagram now allows you to be logged into multiple accounts , keep all of your family pictures on your personal account and all your business’s images on another .

Consumers like consistency. If every other picture is a random selfie it may be hard to take your brand seriously, or for your consumers to see the actual vision of the brand.

It’s ok to post a “face of the company” picture or behind the scenes office picture now and again  as it will allow your brand to appear personable . Try not too overboard with it though.

So these are my Top 5 tips  of things you should NOT post on your Instagram account

Seriously .. Stay clear!

Did these tips help you ?

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