How to create an EASY Instagram routine

source link Instagram can be hard to maintain sometimes, it requires dedication and careful planning if you want to reach maximum possibilities.What if I told you it’s actually not that hard to get into a routine? In my  how to create a design aesthetic for your Business Instagram post, I talked a little bit about ways for you to make your profile look great as a whole .Today i’m going to tell you a few tips on how to get into an Instagram routine you can manage with your busy day to day lives. CREATE AN EASY INSTAGRAM ROUTINE


dating armenian Everyone loves a good spontaneous picture , but if you’re stuck on what to post and don’t want to affect your design aesthetic  then its always good to have backup images!

  • Take quality images with your phone camera or external camera
  • Save them to your phone photos
  • It’s always good to stay organized. Why not try putting them in folders ?!

mujer busca hombre joven panama “Save your hashtags  in your notes app – For easy copy & paste

binary options trading signals nadex SAVE YOUR HASHTAGS IN NOTES

go to link You should have a set of 10-30 tags that you use consistently underneath each image. They don’t need to be generic hashtags like #morning #sun . More tailored to your target audience and who you want to reach. Such as #beautybloggers #fashionistas  this way you can grab the full set and post it underneath your image. POST THE SECOND YOU WAKE UP It’s a fact, we all check our social media as soon as we wake up . If you have a set time that you wake up , (mine’s at 6am every day) then post your planned image as soon as your alarm wakes you up. It’s easy!

  • You already have at least one image posted for the day
  • It’s peak time for instagram so you have a higher chance of people seeing it compared to a random time like 2:54pm in the afternoon SET AN ALARM TO REMIND YOU EVERY DAY Let’s say you want to post two pictures a day. You’ve already posted your first this morning , but you’re so busy during the day, you never remember to post your second. Thats why alarms were invented! . set an alarm to repeat at the same time everyday, with a notification to post on instagram!  A good time would be early evening as everyone is headed home from work on the bus or train and catching up after school . 5PMish ..

So thats it! My Top tips for you to create an EASY instagram daily routine!

Will you be using these tips?

Sound Off in the comments down below !



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