I sat down for 30 mins of chatter with sensational youtuber and personal Tan Specialist to the stars Juels Von Hep.

We chat about everything from our favourite things to do on the weekend , to how he got started as a youtuber, what it was like working on xfactor and what he wants to do next in life . 

He was absolutely genuine and lovely to chat to , I felt comfortable and like we had already been friends before we met !
I lead an incredibly busy daily life and I know he does also . so i asked him" how do you find time to juggle , youtuber , blogging, work and events?" 

Juels- "I have learned slowly but surely to develop a schedule -. "

I couldn't agree more , I live by my schedule and if something is out of time or out of place it can push my timetable back milestones! I thought it was great to meet someone who is accomplishing great things, use the same practices that I do to maintain my busy life. 

We talked about what made him get into making youtube videos, and he said he was actually mentored by the great Tanya Burr after being her official Tan Specialist.  Next he talked about his lifestyle blog and how he loves blogging a bit more than youtube as there is less pressure. I can agree with that as with youtube there are so many other factors you need to pay attention to,  not jus the content, however with blogging you have a greater freedom of journalism. We talked about my youtube and my events company . It was wonderful getting advice from someone already in the media industry. 

I find what he does as a whole very admirable and would love to catch up with him again in the future to see what else he has accomplished. 

Do you ever follow all the fun things Juels gets up to online?  you can check out his website right here

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xo Abbi xo 



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