NICHOLAS K New York Fashion Week  FW16| RECAP

NICHOLAS K  New York fashion week | my top looks recapped 

After watching the New York Fashion week runway show by Nicholas K , I found some looks to be a serious “what the hell ” moment and some I want to rip of the models myself and put into my own closet! 


To break down the makeup  the models all sported the exact same makeup look , very natural toned foundation , neutral clear mascara on the eyes and a bold dark purple statement lip . Top that off with statement brows and you have an edgy grunge and vamp vibe . 


Here are the top three looks that instantly captured my eyes 

This model is rocking a long draped cardigan paired with a loosely fitting , but curve hugging top . Her trousers are slim fitted showing off her shape in the best way . Not only that , the entire ensemble looks like she is channeling her inner ninja worrier . I absolutely love this piece. And need these in my closet like yesterday..

The best part about this look was the sweater . The off the shoulder long sleeve top is absolutely gorgeous , it shows off just the right amount of skin . To bring this off the runway you can pair it with a skinny leg trouser and knee high boots!

I love everything about this coat , not sure if it is practical as I see no buttons or zips , but that being said I’ll layer underneath because it’s just that cute!

Other looks that stood out to me 

I think it’s safe to say that he had a signature style for this runway show , very neutral tones , sheer tops with lots of trouser fashion . The feminist girl power oozing out of this show hit me right in my feels! 

BRAVO Nicholas K …. BRAVO 
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