My skin texture changes as often as the weather in good old England. I’m constantly looking for a new product to adhere to my sometimes dry, sometimes excessively oily skin . Obviously my ever changing skin sucks for my wallet so i’m always on the look out for a new budget product that gives the same results as a high end brand.

As a busy mother of a toddler i’m literally searching for a moment to close my eyes for a short nap, so whenever I get the opportunity to do so , I jump on it . This however does no wonders for my skin as it means I don’t have time to wipe my makeup off! That being said I do have time to rejuvenate my skin at night time and i’ve found two products that are my current favs .

Kiko Softening Toner 

I found out about this brand by casually window shopping in Birmingham Bull Ring . I found the store hidden in plain sight next to the entrance of the bullring! I went in there just to see what they where about , then when I saw their prices I scoured the shop for any beauty or skincare products i’m short of . The Toner Specifically has been like gold to me, as my makeup melts off with each wipe. I’ll use this also in the morning for a quick refresh to eliminate any built up oils overnight.

Garnier 3in1 cleanser

I have raved about this product before in another blog post  , however its just THAT good, I cant stop raving! I have been loving it for a mask  twice a week and also as a daily scrub however it can be a little harsh if used too often  so I try to keep it to once a day at night time rather than at morning and night.



Eliminates every last trace of make up leaving your skin toned and fresh.

ARNICA EXTRACT with stimulating and toning properties.
SODIUM HYALURONATE with moisturizing, soothing and smoothing properties.
CORN AND SOY EXTRACTS with moisturizing properties.

Clinically and ophthamologically tested, with particular attention to contact lens wearers.
Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.
Non comedogenic. Paraben free.



Garnier Pure is designed to help:


  • Reduce the appearance of imperfections & help protect against blackheads
  • Matify skin
  • Purify skin
  • Reduce Marks



Have you ever tried KIKO COSMETICS before?

What are your fav night time products?

Leave a comment below and let’s chat! 



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