How to create a strong foundation for your brand/blog In the previous post we talked about how to find your ideal target audience when branding , but I wanted to take a quick step back and think about branding as a whole . There are so many elements to branding, and having a  strong foundation before you go out there in the big bad world is majorly important. Are we as businesses women/men taking the necessary foundation steps before we promote our brand? I’m going to let you in on my key points straight out of my own personal Branding… View Post

How to find an ideal target audience for your brand


   How to find YOUR brand’s audience  In the last post we talking about BRANDING, and we quickly defined what branding means. We discovered it’s not just about having a pretty logo, there are several core elements to building yourself/ your company as a brand. The main factor being knowing who your target audience are. There’s also a free worksheet to go along with that blog post as well! So let’s break it down for you so you can SIMPLY figure out who it is you need to give your products/services to. GET TO KNOW YOUR PEEPS! Before selling or getting out there on… View Post

What is this thing called branding?


  BRANDING EXPLAINED I’d like to start off by letting you know that is not a post about how to create a LOGO (Although that’s definitely something I’ll think about doing later on the blog). Branding is about more than creating your company logo and stationery. It’s about your language style, your consistency with your company, keywords you use that set you apart from others and so so much more. FOR EXAMPLE, if we take a massive company like McDonalds. Within their at least 20 different things that make them unique, their branding consists of a standard red white and… View Post



 STUCK IN A RUT WITH YOUR BLOG? It’s time to give your blog a fresh and appealing new look , that is clean and appealing to the eye! I recently launched this website/blog in December 2015 , with the original plan to completely move over to this Domain, but as it turned out I couldn’t let go of my old blog. I decided to try out several of the free WordPress themes and found many that were appealing but none that really stuck  with my heart and went for the appeal I was trying to achieve . I resulted in purchasing… View Post

Five things not to post on your business Instagram profile


  When it comes to business posts here on my blog I try to be as transparent as it gets. I don’t have an Instagram account with 100k +followers , but I do have a business and I do have a Business Instagram  Since launching my Business April 7 2016 I’ve grown from 100 followers to 1000 in literally 30 days. …so I must be doing something right huh? So you’re a business with an Instagram account , and you think you know what your’e doing …. But the likes and the followers just aren’t rolling in …. “I’m posting pictures… View Post