Social media strategy: For a Startup Businesses

So you’re a startup business and you are looking for ways to get your social media started, but you just don’t know how . There is nothing more daunting yet exciting , seeing those followers and subscribers go up. You can’t help but wonder why and HOW they manage to consistently grow all of their social media accounts and ad a rapid pace. I love everything social media and use it to leverage business every day. Here is my social media strategy.

social media strategy for startup businesses: How i grew my social media following to over 60k

Social Media Strategy for a startup businesses

I personally created my own startup business and also consider all of my blogs to be their own “startup”. They each require a different social media platform that is more prominent than the next! We sometimes toss aside the Smaller Social media networking sites; and don’t realize that there is so much more potential for growth , than in an over saturated social networking platform. I’m not going to sit here and talk to you about “how to grow your Pinterest followers” , “how Pinterest is the best social networking platform” and “how Pinterest helped me earn 30000000000 Zillion dollars in one month” .. sorry but those posts are appearing the dozens daily…. . Haha rant over . I’m going to be talking to you guys about the OTHER platforms I personally use daily to consistently grow my brands and businesses from scratch to a cumulative following/influence of over 63k. My content consistently has a high engagement rate so i’ll try to be as real as I can be.

I’m going to break down:

  • Each platform I use
  • Why I use it
  • My posting strategy.

TWITTER – Total following 11k

I love twitter , and it took me a while after it launched for me to see how powerful it really was . Twitter is actually a fantastic resource for finding potential blog readers and customers. It’s a great way to reach people while they are online and already clicking on links. With each tweet you have the opportunity to reach the millions of people online at the exact time you are and drive them to your website! Realistically you can’t be online 24 hours , which is why you need to schedule some of your tweets. My favourite platforms for scheduling are :


This can be used for Facebook and Instagram also. With the pro account you can go from scheduling one tweet at a time, to BULK tweets. IMAGINE scheduling an entire month’s worth of tweets in one go! Creating an account is free and you can have up to three social networks, but if you are a multiple business/blog owner like myself you need the pro account to add them all . I used the pro account for about 7-8months before realising it just wasn’t worth it for me . I felt like it was taking up too much of my time to even write out the bulk tweets , so I made the conscious business decision to downgrade my account.


I love this because it’s so easy to set up , and it never stops . Yes you have to take a few hours to schedule all of your old links , but once you have it set up its good to go indefinitely. I have a really great schedule strategy for this platform which you can read about in my How to schedule your twitter posts for free and on autopilot. With this platform you create recipes that set up and repeat as often as you like , or based on a trigger . You can use this for other platforms too, such as Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest! I have found that by using this my blog traffic has significantly doubled.

Posting to my twitter based on my schedule every day at peak times, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, as those are the times we typically browse through our phones. NEVER missing  a day from posting to twitter and I consistently post image tweets as these show up really big in the feed, capturing reader attention.
I ALWAYS use hashtags that are relevant to my tweet link . For example here is a recent tweet below


I have never found a value of having a Facebook page, I never seemed to bring in traffic to my blogs , although if your blog/business doesn’t have a Facebook page, then how legit are you really??
My strategy for Facebook is to take part in the groups feature. I am a member of several group where we either discuss business strategies , or simply help each other boost our social media. I personally have two great groups that I created for growing my youtube channel and my blog.


Creating your own group is a FANTASTIC way to grow your business/blogs. Allowing people to join, take part and interact with each other, while having the ability to pin your details to the top of the page. You can also post anytime you like and it automatically goes to all of the members timelines. Facebook’s recent feature, Facebook Live, makes a great addition to the groups. You can go live within a group exclusively . The best part about It is that people can chat about their own content as well as mine, so they don’t feel like i’m forcing my content on them. Other than the use of Facebook Groups, I see no value in using Facebook to grow your Business. Others have found fantastic growth using it, but personally I don’t recommend it .

Instagram – 5k followers

I use instagram because it has a very high engagement rate. Each picture I post gets at least 90 likes  some reaching to over 500 likes! I have a personal instagram account and a Business instagram account . I say personal but it’s mostly just about all my blogs with the occasional selfie . While my business account is strictly for The Bloggers Parlour. My strategy for this, like twitter is to post at peak times. I try to post daily and have recently found a cohesive pattern to follow for both of my pages. Although I tend to stray sometimes. Having a strong visual aesthetic for your page will definitely rake in the followers!  Each picture contains hashtags that are relative to the image, as well a the hashtags I’ve accumulated over time that I know help bring in great views.  If  I ever need to use a generic hashtag like #selfie or #follow, It will be  within my caption sentence. For example  I may say :

“Ah i’m in a #selfie #mood this #morning . Feel free to #follow my account to see more”

This is an effective way to use hashtags rather than sticking them into the end of your caption . Another option is to use your hashtags as an additional comment after you have posted your image . Try and comment your hashtags within the first 60 seconds. This is crucial posting time! As each second drifts away , so does your image… down into instagram never never land . (never to be seen again)

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Tumblr 4.3k followers

What started off as just a fun hobby for me turned into a money making, potential screaming startup business for me! While getting the business fully set up is still the works , I have managed to grow a tumblr following of thousands of people itching for my next release!

If you didn’t know already , one of my many ultimate hobbies is gaming, specifically on The Sims 4. My channel growth in 2 years has been consistently uphill. I created this blog because I saw a lack of fun custom objects for the game. And I wanted another place to promote my videos. So I took it upon myself to learn how to use Blender, and with already having the knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator I just created my own fun content!


I created a few objects and posted them on my blog for download ( at this time had roughly 12 followers) and my content just got re-blogged.. In fact almost all of my custom content has been reblogged hundreds of times! Each download has had minimum 2k downloads each and my blog just started growing to the 4k it is now. Of course tumblr is not just about posting and it definitely getting re-blogged. That never happens! There was a strategy in place … there’s always a strategy. I looked into my target market and the target market for the sims 4 , then found relevant hashtags to find that market . I then posted at peak tumblr times , which is roughly at 4pm UK time and again at around midnight uk time. Seeing that these times gave me the most engagement , I continued to make new content weekly and at one point daily throughout august 2015. Eventually taking a break in September for Uni and then coming back with a few items in March of this year.

In that break I went from 1k followers to 3k followers by march! My blog consists of my me now re-posting other people’s blog posts that include the use of my custom content, my videos, as well as tech/gaming/gadget reviews AND of course new custom content by me. I have found tumblr so useful as a falloff from my youtube channel and a great way to engage with my youtube subscribers as well as my custom content fans! Being able to interact with your audience is crucial .

YOUTUBE 23k Subscribers

You knew it was coming , all this tumblr talk! Yes my youtube gaming channel! I consider my youtube channel as another business , simply because it involves the same marketing strategies as a full time business AND I get paid for doing it , so it most certainly is a job. ( A very very cool and fun one though) I don’t post on here as often as I would like , I would like to be uploading daily, but with the combination of my blogs and business , it’s hard to find to time edit and upload every day.

Main strategy

My main strategy for this is to keep my viewers engaged and my ideas fresh . I strive to create videos that aren’t a copycat of someone else’s, that are completely original ideas and are also what my viewers want to see. Taking about 2 months before I launched my channel late 2014 to research my core demogrpahic ; I wanted to know exactly who I would be reaching with my videos, and how I would cater to their needs! It’s so important to know your audience, I can’t stress it enough. I have gained my knowledge simply through trial and error . I’ve made the mistake of trying to force different/ new styles on my viewers and they were NOT having it . They like consistency and they like the niche i’m in! I’m slowly and gradually throwing in Vlogs here and there and will lead up to a weekly Vlog and possibly live streams as well.

Posting Strategy

My posting strategy for YouTube is to post at least ONCE A WEEK on the same day. Ideally I would like to post at the same time every week , but sometimes I get a little off schedule. NEEDLESS TO SAY my viewers can count on a new video from me at least once a week
My tips to you if you want to start a YouTube channel for your business is to first find your target market , then come up with a schedule that would suit your audience. Constantly reach out to similar accounts and ask them to cross promote. ( you post their link and they post yours) find relevant Facebook groups to post your channel links. Head to Facebook and search : YOUTUBE (YOUR NICHE)
For example – <You-tube beauty> , or in my case <YOUTUBE THE SIMS 4  >
There are ton’s of groups you can join to promote your videos.

WEHEARTIT 70K followers

This is probably the most underrated social media platform on the planet! I’ve been using it since I created my other blog in 2012. It’s grown so tremendously over the years and Weheartit as grown along with it! . The typical age range on this platform is from 12-27 . It’s basically a fusion of Pinterest and instagram combined. Users can follow your profile , follow your collections (like pinterest boards) , re-heart your images (re-pin your posts) and link back to your website!

It’s similar to instagram in the sense that users will post personal pictures or instagram style pictures. It’s not geared towards linking out of the platform . In fact most users don’t take advantage of the link to your blog feature! I use it to gather images for my vision boards and goals as well as promoting my content. I have found this to be a fantastic tool for bringing in HUGE traffic to your blog /website. My feminine lifestyle blog is the perfect niche for we heart it and that is where I post majority of the photos, as well as my youtube videos.

MY Strategy for this is to post when I think teenagers are online ( aka.. all day!) I try to heart at least 3 hearts a day. 1 of mine 2 of theirs, this way I can keep the profile active and i’m always in their feed.

I also share my blog post images directly after it goes live to drive immediate traffic.

Other platforms

I use also link sharing platforms like Stumble Upon to promote my blog posts and improve my click through rate . But I wouldn’t consider this a social networking platform so i’ll leave that for another day!

The remainder of my social media following is a combination of my Facebook pages, Pinterest account and blog followers though Bloglovin, google friend connect, and email subscribers.
Overall I find managing social media platforms while attempting to work is inevitably a nightmare while also trying to stay consistent with your business and branding, but once you have a routine, it becomes a little LESS stressful.

how ive grown my social media-03

What platforms do you use to grow your social media? Leave a comment down below and let’s chat!



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