Travel Tech Essentials For a Long Plane Ride


I spend 6 months out of every year traveling and most of the time it’s to and from the USA  . Typically i’m in the air for at least 20 hours each trip, not including layovers in various countries so if I don’t have my laptop i’m pretty much going to pull my hair out on the plane .

Here is my list of travel Tech essentials for a LONG plane ride.



When traveling it’s pointless to travel without your laptop loaded with shows and movies you ACTUALLY want to watch . I’m sick of being on the plane and scrolling through the inflight options to find that there are no movies I want to see or have already seen . So I load up loads of tv shows on my laptop  which you can watch through and download through a chrome plugin!  It’s great for on the go shows and you will never get bored!  I’m already prepped with the entire 4th season of 2 broke girls !


It’s so important to have an easily accessible laptop bag that you can fit EVERYTHING you need while sitting on the plane . Going through customs with a trillion gadgets is also a nightmare , so making sure they are easy to grab and take out is a must .

I bought this laptop bag from amazon for less than £10. I chose to get a 15inch laptop size even though my macbook is only 13inch . This way I can include my ipad,my daughters ipad, and all the rest in there.


ok so I cant upload pictures and post on the plane unless i’m connected to the planes wifi , BUT I can take a trillion pictures while at the airport and while in my layover!

Most digital cameras over 15megapixels will give you amazing picture quality!  here are a few low budget cameras I recommend for travel

Canon Ixus 165 20MP 8x Zoom Compact Digital Camera - Silver. 400/9351 Sony Cybershot W830 20MP 8xZoom Compact Digital Camera-Pink. airplane travel essentials memory card reader fro ipad or iphone airplane travel essentials memory card reader fro ipad or iphone


A macbook runs its fastest and lasts its longest without a power source when there is less for it to load . Keep all your bulky GB eating files on here so that when you are on  the plane you can get the maximum experience ! plus if you need anything its just a usb plug away! Here are two under £70 I highly recommend! Airplane Travel essentials external had drive Airplane Travel essentials external had drive


Every time I travel I bring a new sketchbook with me . I love to scrapbook and keep momentos of my entire trip! trust me it’s awesome to look back at it 5 years later and remember everything . Plus its the perfect time to write down goals , things you want to do while on holiday and places you want to see! . usually mid way through my holiday and also at the end of the holiday ill send all my photos to be printed  at a local place (usually Target or Walgreen in USA as they are really cheap)  then on the plane ride back ill have a major scrapbooking session sticking them in and writing about the most awesome time I had!


this is literally just for backup! if your laptop dies , which it will if you are on a 7hour plan journey and watching movies , you need a backup to finish off watch your shows!  I always bring my IPAD MINI as I can literally throw it in the same laptop bag!


The only reason I have a separate keyboard is because i love my Kate Spade iPad Case too much . I’m not willing to eliminate my awesome iPad case for a keyboard case, so i bring my separate keyboard . Also my daughter has her own iPad so its great to be able to switch the keyboard from one  to the other!


Comfort is the key when you are looking for headphones for a long flight . Remember, these will be stuck to your head for over 10 hours! they need to be extremely comfortable . I like to travel with my Beats Solo HD headphones.


I’m all about keeping my gadgets charged so its insanely important to have a backup source! The Charger I highly recommend is the Solar Energy 48000mAh Portable Mobile Power Bank Battery Charger ! you never have to charge it if you keep it near a window in daytime when you are not using it ! when your ipad dies just stick this in with your wire and your good to go for another 3-4 hours! Travel Essentials Solar Energy 48000mAh Portable Mobile Power Bank Battery Travel Essentials Solar Energy 48000mAh Portable Mobile Power Bank Battery Charger


If you don’t need an external hard drive then opt for a smaller alternative like a usb stick ! The one I use all the time is my Kate Spade Ring USB (no longer available) airplane travel essentials kate spade


If by some unfortunate reason all of your gadgets die and all of your back up power sources die  and you have no idea what time it is , you should wear a watch! 🙂

So that is it! My full list of essentials you need on a long plane ride!

What do you have on your list?

Leave a comment down below and lets chat!

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