YOUTUBER 101 |How to set up your youtube channel

youtuber 101 - part 1 - How to set up your youtube channel

YOUTUBER 101 |How to start a YouTube channel |
PART1 | Setting up your channel

So you want to start a YouTube channel but don’t know where to start?
Welcome to my new series where I’ll be giving you new tips in each part on how to get started in the YouTube world .
I am a youtuber with two YouTube channels my Gaming channel has just under 15k subscribers and each video gets at least 1k-2k views per video. My other channel which has a little less direction in comparison , has just over 4K subscribers with some videos reaching over 400k videos .

Today I’ll be giving you my quick guide to getting started on YouTube , we will be setting up your channel .

1. Channel name
When I first started on YouTube , having a channel name was not important and YouTube didn’t have the amazing branding opportunities it offers now. So my first ever YouTube account was called Abbigayle11 , because that’s what my email address was at the time .
Now however your channel name should reflect you , what you are all about and what your channel is about . Your channel name should be creative and informative. If you plan to make a brand of yourself and your channel then it’s best to pick your actual name .

2. Subscriber List

ok so I’m sure you already have this down packed . You have been watching YouTube for ages and you have decided to start a channel because you have seen someone post videos JUST like the ones you want to post ,
It’s just as important to build your (I’m subscribed) list as it is your subscriber list .
You should make sure you subscribe to people who make similar content , who have a similar subscriber count to you and people who you feel you can relate/reach out to for collabs in the future. Also its great to build your own Youtuber community with a bunch of friends!

3. Bio
Your bio should be short, to the point and should say exactly who you are and what your videos are about . It should say

4. Channel header
Your header banner should be eye catching and will make people want to stop and see what it’s about . It doesn’t have to be overly complicated , it just needs to display your channel name and the image you use should be part of your brand. (Meaning it should be something you can continue to use across all social media such as Facebook header and Twitter header)
In the settings you can include your social media links which will display on your channel header. Use your most important or most used social media account first as this will display slightly larger than the rest.

5. Your profile picture .
Depending on your channel you want a profile picture that stands out and it’s clear no matter what size it is. When I first started , I didn’t have the tools to create an awesome gaming profile picture , so I used a screen shot from inside my game. If you are creating a blogging channel or even a beauty channel , a picture displaying yourself in your best light Is personable and will be favoured highly over a drunk party selfie.

We have reach the end of your YouTube Lesson 1 – after completing these tasks you should now be ready to start thinking about creating your first video. Your first video will brand your channel so it needs to be something you will be happy with in the long run.
If you want to learn more about creating your first video then read more in PART2 You can catch this series every week posted every Sunday here on

Do you have any questions about setting up your channel?
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