giocare in borsa azioni binarie youtuber 101 -part 4   -tips for posting your first video

see YOUTUBER 101| How to start a YouTube channel

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So you have been following my guide and have read :

speedbot opzioni binarie PART 1 | SETTING UP YOUR CHANNEL

buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online PART 2 | CREATING YOUR FIRST VIDEO PART 3 | EDITING YOUR FIRST VIDEO And now you are ready to upload and post your very first video for everyone to see!
Wait hold up! There are a few things you have to think about before you hit that public share button! 1. You need a thumbnail

2. You need a video description

3. Your videos need to be tagged

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Denton Texas THUMBNAIL

Your thumbnail NEEDS to be eye catching and readable at 120 x 90 pixels ! That is incredibly small , and the smallest your thumbnail will show online. Even at that size someone who looks at it needs to think ” ooh that looks interesting! Let me see what it’s about”

So here are my top tips for thumbnail posting
1. Keep it clutter free . – don’t cover your entire thumbnail with loads of text , choose something simple , like one or two words. If you’re video title is 50 things about me , then just write on the there” 50 things” with a picture of you behind the text.

2. Use an image from your video or a photo of something that is included in your video . No one like to be duped! So don’t post a picture of Ariana Grande to get their attention but your video is about how to make cream cheese!

3. Make it bright and bold
Use a image editing software like Photoshop or Paint .

Your thumbnails need to be the recommended YouTube size

I’ve made a blank template here for you to download if you aren’t sure
Video description
YouTube cuts your description down to two sentences ,then the viewer has to click the MORE button to read the rest . This means your first two lines need to be important. It should display exactly what Is going to happen in your video

For example .
Today I’ll be showing you guys my top 4 recommended products for contouring for dark skin .

(More button will appear here)
Following this you can Place more information such as links to the products you talk about and Your social media links
As Time goes on you can place your contact email and any other important information , like your upload schedule . (No need to worry about those yet)

Every video you post needs to be tagged . You need to tag you video with anything related to your video or anything you talk about , along with the most popular relative tags

The YouTube search bar is the easiest way to find popular tags, if you type in “home decor” then the most searched version will pop up below such as ” bedroom home decor”

From this list you can write all of those tags in your video tag bar. YouTube only allows around 20, so try not to over flow your tags. Just pick the most relevant
So that’s it ! You are now ready to upload your video!

Ah but what time of the day should you post your video ? And what day should you post it on?
You can find that out in Part 5 !
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Do you have any questions about how to post your first video?

Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply!

See you in part 5! Or feel free to come and chat with me on Twitter or Instagram in the mean time!


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