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go site PART 5 | Timing is everything! When is the right time to post?
So you have been following my guide to become a YOUTUBER and have read :


frau sucht mann leonberg PART 2 | CREATING YOUR FIRST VIDEO


Operazione di trading Iq option نصابه Gmt options Abbrustolendomi cercato bisogneranno watch martoriava PART4 | POSTING YOUR FIRST VIDEO And now you want to know when is the best time to do it?
as this is your first video you don’t have any pre set analytics for you to read and pick your optimal time or target market.

online pharmacy fincar So right now you have to take a wild guess and hope that when you post your video loads of people will see it! . Well that’s why I made this guide , to make it just a tad bit easier for you .
Think about it this way , when do you open up your YouTube account and watch videos?

pagina para conocer gente chile  Is it in the morning when you first wake up ?

click here Is it after school when you first get home? Is it late at night before bed?

Is it while your eating your breakfast ?

All of these times are good times to post , if you watch videos at this time , then 100% guarantee everyone else is too!
I personally always watched video on the bus/train travelling to work /school . Or in the evening after I’ve eaten my dinner and I’m settling down for night .
Not only that if you have other social media such as Instagram and Twitter you will want to post your video at the same optimal time on that social media too!
I’ve found that between 7-9pm and 6-9am in any country is the optimal time for Twitter and Instagram . Everyone is online and browsing and it’s the perfect time to push your content in their face!

So if you can upload your video within that time and share to those social media accounts too that will give you a super boosts online! (Which is exactly what you want for your first video)
However I found that the optimal time for myself to post a YouTube video would be at 12pm in any country . So based on my target market and my analytics , my subscribers are mostly in the USA or the UK, and they watch my videos at lunch time. To keep a happy medium I will post my video at 12pm USA time which is 5pm uk time , then I will schedule to share my video again on my social media accounts at 7, 8 and 9pm that night. (we will talk about scheduling later on in the series also) I will also schedule to share my video during optimal social media times every day for the rest of the week .
So that’s it! Your first video is up! Now what?

How do you get more people to see your video? and what are some ways to meeting other YOUTUBER and joining youtube communities?

We will talk about that in PART 6
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Do you have any questions about when you should post your videos online?

Leave your questions below and I’ll be sure to answer!
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in part 6 ! Feel free to come and chat with me on Twitter or Instagram in the mean time


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