YOUTUBER 1O1 – Tips for editing your first video

youtuber 101 - part 3 -  how to edit your first video

YOUTUBER 101| How to start a YouTube channel

PART3 | Editing your first video

You’ve set up your channel using my PART 1| SETTING UP YOUR CHANNEL guide , and you’ve planned out and filmed your first video using my PART2| CREATING YOUR FRIST VIDEO guide . NOW you want to EDIT your video to be eye catching and to stand out
Today I’ll be letting you know my top FREE and Paid programs for editing, along with a few design tips for your channel opening.
Most people think that to create a really creative opening they need a fancy program to do so. NO YOU DON’T

When I first started I used everything that I already had on my MacBook .

– iMovie (free)

– Microsoft PowerPoint ( I purchased with Microsoft office 2013 student edition )

– Photoshop elements (I purchased in the Mac store for $99)

– QuickTime (free)

Alternatively I could have used my Windows desktop

– Windows movie maker (free)

– Microsoft PowerPoint (free)

– Gimp (free)

– OBS Screen recorder (free)


It’s incredibly important to have an opening that is no more than 3 seconds long . It’s part of your brand , and will be your staple for everyone to know your channel name .

In my year and a half on YouTube with simmingwithabbi , I’ve had two different channel openings and both creatively displayed my channel name .

Using a software like PowerPoint you can easily create a fun opening sequence.

1. Choose your font ( is my favourite resource for free fonts . There are so many different styles that you can select that will represent you.

2. Once the font is installed type out your channel name in a text box in PowerPoint

3. Using animations you can make your font slide in , out , spin , flip fade and more.

4. Once you have done this you can start your slide show in full screen and record your screen using your selected program.

5. Save your video recording and open it in your video editor
Using IMOVIE or Windows Movie Maker

You can add your own sound effects using the pre included sound effects library within the program.


iMovie makes editing easy. It has a simple drag and drop interface where you can insert videos and text to make it more fun . I LOVE iMovie and still use it to edit all my videos today . Although I have since purchased a pro software such as Adobe Premier Pro , I have always found IMovie to be the one I go back to because it’s familiar.
My top 3 tips for editing.

Once you get used to using your editing program it can become so much more fun to edit your videos . You can start using video overlays and adding it little text or speech bubbles , with sound effects and more to make it more interactive!
1. Keep you first video to a maximum of 3-5 mins . Honestly the shorter the better for your first video . Most people will not watch a video longer than 3 mins on your first try , in fact most people’s attention span stops at about 1 min 30 seconds , so make those first two mins really count!

2. Only keep the most important bits , cut out any parts where you seem unsure, such as lots of “ummms” but try not to cut yourself down to where you seem robotic , it needs to look natural and flow naturally .

3. Make sure the lighting is consistent through out the video , if you need to , you should manually adjust the lighting within the video editor

4. BONUS TIP – If you film your video at a distance that shows your entire head along with the background, then when editing you can crop and zoom certain shots so it looks like you got a close up! It’s great for creating variety
Background music

1. It’s incredibly important to make sure you music is at the correct level , Do not overpower your speech with music . It’s also important to use music with minimal words , it can be quote hard to concentrate on what your saying if Justin Bieber is singing Sorry behind you .
2. Try to use music that compliments the mood of your video. For example a serious topic should have serious/ballad type music. A Fun and energetic video should also do the same !
3. Try to Edit to the music . One thing I’ve picked up along the way is to choose my music first before I start editing , then when editing each clip I can cut down clips or change the camera zoom/angle along with the beat of the song.
YouTube has a lot of rules regarding copyright with music , so it’s always best to get permission to use music . I only use royalty free music or I’ll edit a popular song so that its recognisable , but not the same.
Here is an example of a video I made where the editing was done to the beat of the music
That’s it for PART 3 if my How to start a YouTube channel guide!

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In the next part we will be talking about Posting your first video , having an awesome thumbnail and what to put in the description!
Do you have any questions about editing your first video?

Please leave your questions below and I’ll be sure to reply!


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