Social media strategy: For Startup Businesses


  Social Media Strategy for a startup businesses So you’re a startup business and you are looking for ways to get your social media started, but you just don’t know how . There is nothing more daunting yet exciting , seeing those followers and subscribers go up. You can’t help but wonder why and HOW they manage to consistently grow all of their social media accounts and ad a rapid pace. I personally have a startup business and also consider all of my blogs to be their own “startup”. They each require a different social media platform that is more… View Post

Action Plan – 3 steps to success


  3 steps to a successful action plan   I’ve spoken numerous times previously about creating an action plan for your goals . It’s one thing to write or say a goal, but without a proper structure in place of how to achieve it, sadly you may never reach your goal. Having an action plan means you bluntly need to just TAKE ACTION. Actually do something about it!  We are all dreamers here!. We all want better things out of life,  but for some reason only some of us take steps to boost our lives, while the rest sit back… View Post

Staying Focused on your goals : Five tips to success


  Staying Focused on your goals : Five tips to success As a female entrepreneur , I know that I can sometimes get so focused on my goals that i’ll work until the sun comes out, 72 hours in a row . Constantly crafting my brand , that is until I completely burn out and have to take a few days of recovery. This is exactly what you should NOT DO. It took a few recurrences of “Burned out fever” for me to realise that changes had to be made to my work ethic. I was turning myself stir crazy.… View Post

Schedule tweets of your blog posts to twitter on autopilot for FREE


  Schedule tweets of your blog posts to twitter on autopilot for FREE For me twitter has always been a fantastic source for pushing traffic to my blog, and being able to schedule tweets is the perfect solution. Although some may believe Pinterest is the number one place to get traffic, In my case Pinterest is something i’m still trying to figure out . Twitter to me is simple, easy to follow and just MADE SENSE! Originally I found myself using a number of twitter auto schedule programs such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite . While these are perfectly good… View Post