I’m currently working as a Junior Motion Graphics designer for Scripps Network, and I’m also the CEO of Abbicreates Studio LLC!


I love design, illustration and editing. I try to showcase that through my expressive art and creative content! I graduated from Birmingham City University in England with a First Class Honors Degree in Visual Communications. This has allowed me to explore creativity within many fields such as ; Traditional Print Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Illustration.

I have been blessed to work with many high profile clients, and had the opportunity to be a guest speaker for Virgin startup! As a result of these experiences I feel that my creativity has continued to blossom throughout my career.

Abbicreates Studio LLC

Having an Immigrant minority women/mom owned business, gives me the ability to see creative from many aspects of life. I started this business in Feb 2021. When I was looking for affordable colorful artwork to decorate my home. I quickly realized I was not going to find what I needed within my budget. So solve this problem, I put my design skills to good use and started making illustrations. After a few weeks of posting on instagram I had hundreds of people asking to buy my artwork! From there Abbicreates Studio LLC was born!

Head to my Portfolio to see some of my favorite creative content!

50+ Previous Clients

Some include:

Tampas Downtown
Embarc Collective
The Fenway Hotel
White Duck Espresso
Tampa Bay History Center
The Body Shop
L’Occitane en Provence
Spaddy’s Coffee
The Bean Bar
Union Three
The Plenary
Hazel & Dot
Alfonsos Pizzeria
Yelp Tampa Bay

Currently Located

Tampa, Florida

You can find me:
Probably drinking an obscene amount of coffee.
Popping up at the next Tampa Market with my designs.
Drawing on my iPad, while catching up on
every K-drama ever to hit Netflix!

Aside from that you can reach out to me on my social media or shop in my store!

IG – @abbicreates
Twitter – @abbigaylewarner